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Ivan Dilly is appointed exclusive member of IR Global for Aeronautical Law in Brazil. IR Global is a multidisciplinary professional services network that provides legal, accounting and financial advice to companies and individuals around the world.


Represented in over 155 jurisdictions and covering more than 70 unique practice areas, our membership in IR Global gives us an international reach, providing the highest quality personalized advice that meets the needs of the most complex client requirements.


As part of our IR Global membership, we work alongside the highest quality boutiques and companies serving the world's market. Companies that focus on partner-led personalized service and have vast experience across borders.


Over the past decade, the IR Global community has grown to over 1000 members worldwide based on the principles of friendship, trust and a shared belief in going beyond the traditional role of a consultant.


We share the IR Global value of creating a 'go-to' network for forward-thinking clients looking for creative, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.

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Member of the IBA International Bar Association

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In cooperation with CTA Advogados


Full service, and Global performance. Seeking to assist companies in their full-service legal needs, we have signed a cooperation agreement with CTA Advogados

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Member of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/SP) International Relations Committee

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